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  • Does smoking pot affect my birth control?

    It’s never a bad idea to see if what medications might interact with your birth control, but does that include cannabis? Maybe yes! Check this post to learn more about the state of information out there about pot and hormonal birth control.

  • New Resource: YMPP’s Zine!

    Volunteers from Planned Parenthood Toronto’s Youth and Masculinities Peer Project have created a zine that explores the complexities of masculine identities and experiences. Enjoy!

  • White background. Blue text on the left reads "How do I know when I'm ovulating?" On the right is a blue icon of a uterus with fallopian tube and ovaries. Inside the ovaries are two blue question marks.

    How do I know when I’m ovulating?

    In this post we go over some of the physical, emotional, and biological signs that people can recognize to better know if and when they might be ovulating. Check it out!

  • On the left is black text that reads "what happens if someone is too big?" and on the right are two cartoon eyeballs with raised eyebrows

    FAQ: What happens if someone is too big?

    A lot of conversations about sex push the idea that bigger is better. While that’s maybe true for some people, it’s also the case that smaller is better, or a different position is better, or sex toys are better, etc. — Check this article to read more about navigating size differences!

  • Colourful text that reads "Play With Me!" overtop of an equally colourful wall.

    Download SNAP’s Play With Me Journal of Self-Exploration

    Check out the latest sexual health resource from PPT’s Supporting Newcomer Access Project! It’s full of recipes, horoscopes and activities on topics likes relationships, pleasure, consent, and more!

  • Text saying "What is PCOS?" next to an illustration of half a uterus and the left ovary.

    What is PCOS?

    Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is a hormonal disorder that affects 6-10% of people with ovaries. Read on to learn more about symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment options!

  • Text says Teen Health Source is available for youth of all ages. Below that are icons for a laptop, a ringing phone, and a smartphone texting.

    Under 13? Over 19? Teen Health Source is available for youth of all ages!

    We know it’s hard to access sexual health supports right now. To help, we’re opening up our info line to answer questions for youth outside of the 13-29 age range.

  • Text says "How Does OHIP+ Work?" and on the right is an icon of a hand with an ID card.

    FAQ: How does OHIP+ work?

    OHIP+ helps cover medication costs for youth 24 and under who don’t have private insurance. This post answers some of our OHIP+ FAQs.

  • FAQ: How Can I Stop Thinking About My Ex?

    Breaking up is hard! And the tough part doesn’t end with the actual break up conversation. This post covers some ways you can try to take your mind off of your ex or past relationships.

  • FAQ: When is it okay to laugh about sex with my partner(s)?

    Sex can be a really intimate and vulnerable activity for people. Because of this, laughter can be a really powerful thing, both positively and negatively. But how do you know when it’s okay?