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Ace Toronto’s AAW 2018 Events

For Asexual Awareness Week, our friends over at Ace Toronto are running some really exciting events! Here’s the info:

Events are for people of all identities.

Ace Toronto regrets that they are unable to provide ASL interpretation.

From the Organizers: Note that since so may of use are also arospec, we include info about arospec folks in all our ace educational work, while also making it clear that people can be one or both or neither. (Same applies to info about trans and/or non-binary folks.)

If any of the terms in this post are unfamiliar to you, please check out our Definitions Page or the glossary on our blog post, Sorting Out Romantic vs Sexual Feelings.

If you have questions about this topic, feel free to contact one of our peer educators. [Link]

  • FAQ: Can my parents access my health records?

    Not all teens want their parents finding out about their sex life. Regardless of the reason, we believe that you should be in control of who finds out about your personal health information. But what does the law say?

  • Long Distance Relationships

    Long Distance Relationships have a bad reputation! People say that LDRs require communication (eek!), planning (ugh!), and boundaries (oh no!). How are they even possible? This post goes into these things, as well as other stuff to consider when doing LDRs.

  • RESOURCE: What’s Next For Me?

    Our friends over at Women’s College Hospital (home of the Bay Centre for Birth Control) have launched a brand new resource called What’s Next For Me?