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Let’s Talk About Sex on Regent Park Focus

This past month, Planned Parenthood Toronto in collaboration with Regent Park Focus collaborated with GTA youth to create 4 radio shows about sexual health. They were:

If you missed out on listening to them live, RPF have got the show up on their archive. Check’em out:


  • Queering Sex Ed

    Queering Sexual Education

    What would Queering Sexual Education look like?

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    Dealing with acne is a common experience for lots of people going through puberty (and beyond!). So what’s the big deal? This post is a body-positive look at acne, including ways to deal or work with it!

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    Fake Moans: Rude or Polite?

    Whether “real” or “fake,” lots of people moan during sex! We break down why people do it, and what some of the hang-ups are around “fake moans”!