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New Info Pages: Body Positivity & You and Social Media Safety!

Yeah, obviously this blog has all kinds of great posts and things, but have you checked out our Information Pages lately? If not, now’s a great time, as we’ve just added two new posts. They are:

Social Media Safety [Link]

Description: This page covers things to consider while you work through what it means to have healthy relationships with other people while also being online. It talks about ways to protect yourself if your relationships become unhealthy or unsafe.

Body Positivity & You [Link]

Description: Body positivity is the practice of encouraging positive thinking about our bodies, finding ways to actively love our bodies, and working towards feeling good about bodies in general. Find out how this can apply to you and your body!

Check’em out! If you’ve got any suggestions for future info pages, let us know at

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  • FAQ: Dealing with Cheating

    Cheating can be hard on a relationship. It’s normal for partners who have been cheated on to feel angry or lost. This post covers some things partners can consider when dealing with the complicated emotions or tough decisions that can come up in the aftermath.


    Welcome to reframed: a series of FREE film screenings and discussions for LGBTQ youth, happening this summer at community organizations across Toronto.


    People have lots of different terms and definitions when it comes to understanding their sexual orientations or gender identities. This post helps lay out some of the more widely mentioned definitions, and talks about how we can improve our resources to be more inclusive!