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  • FAQ: How do I get out of the Friend Zone?

    Friend Zone is a category we impose on ourselves, not something that the other person does to us when they say “No.” Check out this post for more on how to rethink how we go about being friends after a rejection!

  • FAQ: How can I stop pressuring myself to lose my virginity?

    When or if you lose your virginity is supposed to be a totally personal choice, but that doesn’t mean it’s always an easy one! This post will go over some ideas and strategies to help you stay true to your decision to stay a virgin.

  • 5 Questions with PRUDEmag

    PRUDEmag is a hot new Toronto-based zine for spinsters, rule-makers, asexuals, relationship anarchists, & all others resisting a sex-necessary culture. We caught up with some of the people behind the zine for our the latest in our 5 Questions series!

  • FAQ: Are pregnancy tests accurate?

    Aside from getting your period, pregnancy tests are the only way to know for sure if you’re pregnant or now. But are at-home pregnancy tests accurate? Yes! They are!

  • Menstrual Products: Tampons, Pads, Cups, and More!

    Periods can be hard to navigate, especially when you’re new to the ever-expanding world of menstrual products! The post breaks down some of the basics on tampons, pads, cups, discs, and period underwear!

  • What is the Honeymoon Pill?

    The Honeymoon Pill is the nickname for a pill designed to delay a person’s period. If you’re interested in learning more, then please enjoy our quick primer!

  • Ways to be an Ally

    How can you help resist oppression when it doesn’t affect you personally? Even around little things that happen in your everyday life? The answer is allyship.

  • Edge OV: New Sexual Health Services for Youth at Unison Health & Community Services

    Unison Health and Community Services present Edge OV, a new sexual health clinic in the Oakwood-Vaughan neighbourhood for youth ages 13-29.

  • Talking to your Parents about Dating

    For lots of reasons, we sometimes have to (or want to!) talk about dating with our parents. Ensuring that these conversations are positive experiences can be difficult, but here’s some questions to keep in mind to help make it all go more smoothly!

  • STI Rates for Youth in Canada (2007-2016)

    Public Health Agency of Canada recently released an Update on Sexually Transmitted Infection in Canada, 2016. We’ve pulled out some of the data as it relates to teens in Canada!