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Poster for campaign by the LGBTQ Initiative, about responding in non-harmful ways to LGBTQ folk

Image of person sitting on the wooden edge of a planter, with bicycles on the other side of the planter and a skateboard next to them. Person has a beard and long hair and is looking down at their phone. There are white speech bubbles next to the person. The first reads, “sure she came out as bi but we both know she’s a lesbian”. Second speech bubble reads “i love you, but I think she knows her identity better than you do”. At the bottom of the poster is the link “” in white text.

  • Understanding Your Own Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

    How do you know what your gender identity is? How do you know what your sexual identity is? This article has some answer and prompts to help you define these things for yourself!

  • Youth and Healthcare Rights

    While all health care centres should off you a similar base of care, the clinic at Planned Parenthood Toronto has some specific policies that are meant to make their space more welcoming and inclusive which sadly aren’t incorporated at all clinics.

  • Dealing with STIs

    Some STIs can be cured, while others need ongoing treatment. Find out which are which!