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Poster for campaign by the LGBTQ Initiative, about responding in non-harmful ways to LGBTQ folk

Image of someone holding a smartphone in their right hand. Phone has a texting app open. Someone has texted the phone’s owner, as indicated by the grey textbox, reading, “hey can I bring my boyfriend to your party this weekend?”. There are green textboxes underneath this, with red exclamation marks on their left and a “Message not sent” warning underneath the textboxes, reading, “bro, weren’t you just dating a girl? just pick a side already!”, “haven’t you switched teams 3 times now? lol” and “cool so you’re definitely gay now?”. A final green textbox underneath the rest has no exclamation mark or warning, indicating that it was sent, and reads, “no prob. can’t wait to meet him.” White text next to the phone reads “Think of your impact. Rethink your words.” in all-caps with the words “impact” and “words” underlined. White text in a different font is underneath this and reads “”

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