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Page 18 from the SNAP Sexual Health Activity Book

Black and white page, intended for users to color it in. Title at the top of the page in black text reads, “Self-care colouring”. After a dotted line, there is more black text on the left side that reads, “Colour me! Practice self-care everyday!” Under this is the image of a person in their undergarments, with their eyes closed. Around them are images of a cat staring into a mirror that has a message written on it, which reads “love yourself xo”, a dress and a pair of shoes, a box of half-eaten pizza, a tote bag, a table with the following: iPod speakers and an iPod in it with lines emitting from it that indicates music is playing, a laptop and a handled mason jar with flowers in it. Above the table is a taped note on the wall that reads “you’re rad!” Above this is a framed picture or whiteboard that reads, “1. self-care 2. breathe 3. dance 4. kindness”

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