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Teen Health Source Turns 25!!!

Teen Health Source is proud to be marking 25 years of providing peer sexual health information to youth across the GTA.

Way back in 1993, Teen Health Source started as the Teen Sex InfoLine. Back then we were a dedicated phone line for teens to call for answers to their sexual health questions. Since then we’ve changed our name (Teen Sex InfoLine > Teen Health Source), started a website (formerly known as, now, started answering questions by email and MSN Messenger, stopped using MSN Messenger, started answering questions by text and online chat, and launched our blog ( One thing that’s remained constant, though, is our commitment to providing accurate sexual health information in a non-judgmental and confidential manner.

Teen Health Source is a peer education service, offering teens the chance to speak one-on-one with a trained teen sexual health educator. As such, we definitely could not have made it to 25 without  the hundreds of volunteers that have been with our program over the years! Not only have they been supremely dedicated in providing information and creating resources through Teen Health Source, but our volunteers also share their sexual health knowledge with their friends, in their schools, on their teams, at parties, etc. Our peer educators are constantly pushing to improve Teen Health Source’s reach and impact in the community, and we are so grateful for that. (If you check out the 25 Years tag on our blog, you can read interviews from some of our previous volunteers about their experience as a peer educator with THS.) A huge thank you to everyone who has helped turn Teen Health Source into what it is today! 

Speaking of which, we’re still here for youth with sexual health questions! People can find all kinds of info on our website, or you can chat live with one of our volunteers 5 days a week. Whether you need information about birth control, sexually transmitted infections, healthy relationships, consent, sexual pleasure, orientation, gender, virginity, puberty, or more, we’re here for you!

Here’s to 25 more years of Teen Health Source! If you have any questions or comments about our service, please feel free to email us at

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