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PEAK Volunteer

Volunteer Opportunity for Youth ages 13-29!

Between the ages of 13-29?
Interested in HIV prevention and combating HIV-related stigma?

Become a Peer Educator for Planned Parenthood Toronto’s Youth HIV project: Prevention, Engagement, Action & Knowledge (P.E.A.K.)!

The PEAK project is a peer-based educational project that includes youth volunteers who are between the ages of 13 to 29 and who are interested in HIV prevention and combating HIV-related stigma. Peer educators will receive free training and an opportunity to create a personal digital story. When training is complete, you will facilitate workshops for other youth throughout the GTA.

You will receive:

Application deadline is July 6th, 2016. Download an application from their website today:!

For more information or to volunteer contact Raejeanne at:

Follow them on Twitter @PEAKproject
Check them out at:

PEAK recruitment flyer 2016

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