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Part of poster for Planned Parenthood Toronto's Young Men's Peer Project

YMPP’s Looking for Volunteers!

PPT’s Young Men’s Peer Project (YMPP) is looking for volunteers!

what is the YMPP?

The YMPP is a 3-year peer-based educational project that includes youth peer volunteers (ages 16-26) who are interested in developing leadership skills around sexual health and relationships. Peer volunteers will receive free training, food, tokens, honoraria, and the opportunity to create a personal digital story. They will also develop and facilitate workshops for other youth in Toronto.

Volunteers will be provided with leadership and facilitation training and will be supported in creating (and owning) their very own digital story! Peer leaders will plan and facilitate workshops in their various communities with and for other young men. Food and tokens will be provided as well as a small honoraria after every training.

who can volunteer?

This volunteer opportunity is open to ALL young men between the ages of 16-26 who are interested in exploring sexual health, relationships, masculinity, and developing digital media skills.

how do i apply?

YMPP is currently recruiting for new volunteers! Click on the following link to download the application: [Link]

Fill it out and send it by email (to or by fax (416-961-2512). The deadline to apply is Sunday August 27th, 2017.

For more information contact: Ray at or (647) 465-1164.

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