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I’m Just Not Into You

Is there someone in your life who wants to date you or flirts with you, but you are just not interested?  If so, you’re not alone.

It is totally okay not to be into someone, but sometimes it can be hard to let them know.

How can I tell someone I’m not interested?

Let’s face it. It’s hard not to get personal when you have to tell someone that you are not interested. However, it can be even harder if you don’t let them know them early on.

  • Your first step may be to simply not respond to them.
  • If they persist you will likely need to say something:
    • Tell them you’re flattered but not interested.
    • You don’t have to give a reason, but if you choose to, tell them the truth
  • If you have to, you can send them a note, email or even text message.
  • Be respectful. There is no need to insult someone or put them down just because you’re not interested in them.

What if they do not stop pursuing me?

  • This is considered harassment.
  • If you’ve told them to stop and the person won’t leave you alone, tell someone who you trust such as a teacher, a parent or guardian, or even the police.
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