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Tag: sexual pleasure

  • How Do You Use Food in Bed?

    Using food during sex is a really common fantasy combo! For those interested, this post has a few things to consider.

  • How do antidepressants affect sex drive?

    Antidepressants are commonly prescribed as a way to treat mental health conditions, but how do we navigate the ways they might interact with our bodies or our sex drives?

  • Exploring Self Pleasure

    Sexual self pleasure resources often talk about one thing: Masturbation. This info page covers all the ways that we can understand self pleasure and our bodies!

  • FAQ about sexual climax

    The Big Orgasm FAQ

    It’s National Orgasm Day! We get lots of questions on orgasms, sexual pleasure, how to make sex feel better, and so much more! Here are some of our most frequently asked questions about orgasms.