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5 Questions with Brhan, a former THS Volunteer!

Did you know that Teen Health Source has been around for 25 years! Started in 1993, Teen Health Source has grown from just a phone sexual health info line into a total phone/text/email/online chat peer education service PLUS this very blog that you’re reading RIGHT NOW! To help celebrate our 25th Anniversary, we’re checking in with some of our previous volunteers to see what THS was like when they were on the lines, and where they’re headed now. Today we’re hearing from Brhan!

What was Teen Health Source like when you were a volunteer?

THS was already pretty established when I joined a few years ago. It was a great place to learn about sexual health, every shift was different.

Why did you want to volunteer at Teen Health Source?

I liked the idea of learning more about sexuality and helping out other people. That was why I started volunteering at THS, the great experiences I had with the people I was around and the things I got to learn was why I continued to volunteer.

How did volunteering impact your life after you left Teen Health Source?

Volunteering at THS has made me think more about healthcare as a whole differently. At THS we try to give clients the right information so they are able to make the best decision for themselves,  I try to keep that in mind in my own life when I’m dealing with clinicians.

Since you were a volunteer, has anything happened in the field of Sexual Health that you’re excited about?

There has been more research done on menstruation, looking into things like period cramps and polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). There hasn’t been too much so far but the fact that they are looking into it more makes me hopeful.

Do you have a favourite resource that you like sharing with people? Or is there a resource you wish existed?

I love sharing all the different birth control options with people, most people know about condoms and the pill but there are a ton of different methods out there that we don’t get to hear about that often. Also some of the methods are now covered by OHIP+ for people under 25, that’s cool.
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