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Sex At Home When You Don’t Live Alone

Q: Me and my bf wanna start having sex, but we still both live with our parents. How do we find somewhere to have sex? What do we do?

Sex can be complicated for a lot of reasons, including logistic. Even if you’re at a place in a relationship where you’ve decided you want to do something sexual, it can be super frustrating to realize you don’t actually have a good place to do it. Finding privacy can be hard for people who live with family or roommates, don’t have permanent housing, or a number of other situations. That said, there are a lot of ways to navigate these situations and find ways to have sex that work for you. Not all of the options are open to everyone, but below are some common choices that you may want to consider if you’re in this predicament.

Questions To Consider

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Take advantage of your school schedule: if you and your partner(s) have late starts, early dismissals, PA days, or spare periods, that can be a good time to find an empty house. You know those days ahead of time, and so you can plan as far ahead as you want!
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Cars are the popular example of vehicles to have sex in, but you can really use whatever you have access to. You can use a boat, a RV, a wagon, etc. There are lots of options for mobile spaces you can use for hooking up.

… and this is all assuming you can’t just talk to your parents about it. Maybe they’ll be cool with you letting people stay over. Or, maybe they’ll even be cool enough to leave the house so you can have alone time? (Not that many parents are *that* cool, but who knows.)

If you do decide to go ahead and have sex at home (when you don’t live alone), here are some tips to think about to make sure you’re being mindful and considerate of the people you share the house with:

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