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Support For Young Parents

Everyone adapts differently to being a young parent. You may have lots of support or you may be overwhelmed by your new role. No matter what your situation, you may want to access some of the support groups and services offered to young parents in Toronto.

Planned Parenthood Toronto (416-961-0113)

  • Provides prenatal care up to the 28th week of pregnancy.  Services include nutritional counselling, regular check-ups, and mental health services.
  • Offers the Time Out program, a weekly drop-in where young parents and young expectant parents (aged 29 & under) can relax and spend time with other young parents while learning new skills and exploring interests. Dinner and children’s programming is included. (416 -961-0113 ext. 154) [Link]

Massey Centre (416-425-6348)

  • An infant and early childhood mental health organization which supports pregnant and parenting adolescents, ages 13-25.
  • Provides early years and childcare programs, employment preparation services, community support services, an on-site secondary school, residential and transitional housing.

Jessie’s: The June Callwood Centre for Women and Families (416-365-1888)

  • A centre for pregnant teens and young parents 19 years and under.
  • Offers health services, counselling, education, housing support, prenatal classes and parenting groups and many types of practical support.

Rosalie Hall (416-438-6880)

  • A young parent community resource centre.
  • Provides a wide range of community, residential, educational, counselling and child development services.

Humewood House (416-651-5657)

  • Support for young pregnant teens and parenting women.
  • Provides pre and post-natal residential services, transitional housing, education, childcare, life skills and counselling.

Skylark – Wraparound Program (416-395-0660)

  • Wraparound program to help young parents under 25 who are or have been homeless.
  • Provides a team of people to help young parents deal with housing, parenting, health, and social and emotional issues.

Healthy Babies Healthy Children Toronto (416-338-7600)

  • The HBHC program provides services to families in the prenatal period and to families with children in their early years. Children can enter the HBHC program up until their third birthday.
  • Also includes a list of programs and services for parents.

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Last Edited: May 2020

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