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Introduction to Puberty

Puberty happens to us all, but each one of us travels the journey differently. It can be an exciting trip, but it can also be scary — especially if you don’t know what’s around each corner. Learning about what changes to expect can make it easier to get through it.

What is happening to me?

  • During puberty, things can change so much and so quickly that you may wonder what’s going on and if what you’re experiencing is normal.
  • Remember that normal is not always about being just like everyone else. Normal includes a lot of different things. Everyone (yes, even you) has their own normal.
  • For some of us, our bodies may be changing or developing in ways we don’t like.  This can feel not so great, but it’s not unusual to experience this.

I’ve heard that annoying and awkward things happen to people during puberty. Is this true?

  • Sadly, yes.  Almost everyone has a story to tell that was pretty upsetting at the time it happened, but often they can laugh at it later.
  • Here are some things that might happen to you during puberty:
    • You might get an erection when you least expect it.
    • You might start your period when you aren’t prepared.
    • Your voice might crack just as you need to look totally cool and composed.
    • Your skin might break out the day before class photos are taken.

How will I ever get through puberty?

  • The best thing you can do is to be prepared. Read about it, talk about it and learn about what to expect. That way you can understand your body and your mind as they grow and change.
  • Take time and use all your senses to explore and observe how your body is changing.
  • Think about how you feel emotionally and how that changes from day to day and even moment to moment.
Useful Tip
During puberty you may find it helps to talk to someone you trust. This can be a friend your age who is also going through similar experiences, or an adult such as a parent, counsellor, teacher who has been through it already.

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Last Edited: June 2020