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How to Put on an External Condom

What you need to know about how to put on an External Condom.

Condoms can be tricky to use at first, but they get easier with practice. Before you need to use one, maybe practice a few times so that things will go smoothly when you need it most. Here’s a step-by-step guide for putting on an external condom (like you’d put on a penis or sex toy).

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1. Check the expiry and feel for airCheck the expiry date. Press on the condom package to make sure there is still air inside. Air means the condom packaging has not been damaged.
2. Open the condom packageOpen up the package without tearing the condom. Don’t grab the condom with your nails or teeth because that might break it.
3. Check the rolling direction of the rimA condom unrolls like a wool hat or a toque—you should reach up over the brim and pull down. You shouldn’t have to reach underneath a condom to roll it on.This picture shows a condo with the wrong side out
4. Prepare the condom to be rolled outIf the condom tip is facing the wrong way, blow into the tip to turn the condom right side out.If the condom is difficult to unroll, throw it out and use a new one.
5. Add lube (optional)If you have water-based lubricant (lube) available, you may want to put some on the inside of the condom’s tip before you put it on. This will increase your pleasure and it may help keep it from breaking.You can also add lube to the outside of the condom or to the outside of the vulva, vagina or anus. Lube is particularly important for anal sex because the anus doesn’t lubricate itself.
6. Unroll the condom onto the penis or toyWith one hand, pinch the tip of the condom leaving room for ejaculate (cum). With the other hand, roll the condom all the way down to the base of the penis or toy.If you have foreskin, gently pull it back before you unroll the condom. Consider adding lube especially if you have a foreskin.
7. Pinch tip and squeeze out airPinch the tip again and use your other hand to run down the length of the penis or toy. This should push out any remaining air. You may want to add more lube to the outside of the condom for more  pleasure.
8. Remove condom and tie it upTo avoid slippage, pull out while you are still hard and hold onto the base of condom. Then take off the condom and tie it into a knot.Note: If you are using a condom on a toy you do not need to tie it in a knot after you remove it.
9. Throw away the condom
When you are finished with it, place the condom in the trash. Don’t flush condoms down the toilet.